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How to maintain the production line of sheet materials


With the continuous improvement of China's production level, more and more new equipment and active production methods appear in our daily work. In order to meet the needs of the market, we have more and more production methods. Plate production line is widely used today. I believe many people do not know what it is, but as an ordinary product, it is easy to damage it if we do not pay attention to maintenance, so we should do a good job in its maintenance. Then how should we maintain the production line of board and sheet?

How to maintain the production line of sheet materials

1, regularly check the grounding state and electrical components of insulation and wire aging.

2. Regularly check the smoothing system and smooth the moving parts according to regulations, and check whether the oil content of the smooth pump oil tank and the frame oil tank meets the requirements.

How to maintain the production line of sheet materials

3, often check whether the safety equipment of the machine is in normal use, especially after replacing the mold, check whether the safety of the machine has been adjusted accordingly.

4, regularly check the condition of the oil filter or oil filler, timely cleaning and replacement, often pay attention to whether the oil is contaminated or deteriorated. When the wave pressure oil turns black brown and gives off bad smell, it is the embodiment of oxidation and disintegration. Hydraulic oil should be updated as soon as possible. When there are small black spots or bright spots in the hydraulic oil, it is indicated that there are impurities or metal powder mixed in the hydraulic oil, which should be filtered or replaced.


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